Monday, November 9, 2009

Hesitation, Motivational Monday Blog Post, Manhattan Beach Wedding Coordinator

Good evening everyone! I can't believe the day has flown by! I'm here now winding down with my motivational Monday blog post!! Sorry it's late :) I started off today with the following quote, "The shores of time are littered with the bones of those who hesitated, and having hesitated; lost!" - which got me thinking... why do we hesitate?? We hesitate everyday with making decisions, getting tasks done but more importantly we hesitate in bettering ourselves and our lives. I'm sure you would consider yourself a good person who has achieved a lot in life. But is that enough?? Are you as great of a person as the leader you look up to?? Can you be greater?? By "greater" I mean "more successful", "more kind", "more respected by your peers", etc... Whatever you consider the good about yourself to be... can it be greater?? The majority of us will answer this question yes. Yes, I can be greater, more successful, more respected, or more kind. Then what's stopping you from achieving this greatness?? Why are you hesitating?? I'm leaving you tonight with that question. Think about it and then tomorrow make a decision not to hesitate any longer because as the quote says, "having hesitated.. lost!"

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