Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Love Couture! Especially Sweet Couture!

The cupcake trend continues in Los Angeles and I'm excited one of the most exquisite cupcake boutiques is in my backyard in Manhattan Beach!! Cupcake Couture in Manhattan Beach takes cupcakes to the next level. Their design is one of a kind, making indulging in them all that more sweet! Their talented designers will also create the perfect couture cupcake for your couture event! Cupcake Couture goes beyond decorating your cupcakes with just the color of your event. Provide them with a custom monogram or design and they will create a one of a kind cupcake for your one of a kind event. Their edible flowers and jewels also add a special touch to your cupcake display!

A few of their treasures below..

Sunday Mimosa: Champagne cupcake filled with blood orange curd topped with a citrus frosting

Pucker up: Champagne Cupcake filled with a blood orange curd topped with a mascarpone citrus frosting garnished with blood orange caviar

Love Spell: Moist chocolate cake filled with house-made raspberry jam and white chocolate razz frosting

Glitz and Glamour: Roasted Vanilla Bean cake with a creamy vanilla frosting garnished with candied madagascar vanilla bean

24 Karat Ginger: Carrot cake with crystallized ginger baked in topped with a lemon cream cheese frosting garnished with 24 karat gold flake

Nutellalicious: Chocolate hazelnut cake filled with a crunchy praline center topped with Nutella frosting

Simply too sweet to pass up!!

For more information on couture cupcakes for your couture event, please contact the owner of Cupcake Couture, Jenine, at 310-372-9200



Monday, January 11, 2010

Motivated for Crossfit!, Time to get in Shape!

It's the new year! And for the past 2 months I've been trying to get in to shape (key word there is trying). I try to eat well during the holidays (again key word try)... but I am a total sucker for eating bad during the holidays. So today I start my PIP (Personal Improvement Program)!! I've joined a CrossFit team and tonight is my first workout!! So what exactly does a CrossFit work-out entail? First off, there are a lot of different exercises from which to choose. A typical training session might blend power lifting, gymnastics and sprinting. Exercises are done using free weights, kettle bells, body weight exercises and more. The exercises are done hard and they're done fast with little or no rest in between sets. Here is a very basic beginner's CrossFit routine: A 400-meter Jog/run; Dead lift; Push-press; and Squats. OH MY!! What have I got myself in to!?!?! I'll be sure to post my progress along the way. Wish me luck!

This will be me soon:


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!! Turquoise Inspired for 2010!!

I hope everyone had such a great new year! 2010 here we are!!!!! What do you have planned?? I am working on creating a new look and feel for my company. I am working on branding Constance Curtis Events across the board. Of course when I think of my new vision, I'm truly inspired by anything turquoise!! I LOVE Turquoise!! I am working with the Miss Fabulous Kellee from Be Inspired PR to create this "new look". Last night I had to create a vision board. As I was creating this vision board, I realized I know exactly what I want my future office to look like..... WELL SO I THOUGHT!!!!! :) There are so many cool things you can do with Turquoise!!! I'm so inspired. See pics below! Hopefully I'll be inviting all of you over soon for a little office warming party :)

And of course with a new office... new shoes is a MUST :)