Monday, November 30, 2009

Motivational Monday, Financially Free Vs. Mediocre Success

Monday is back… and it’s an extremely busy one!! The majority of us took off the last few days to relax with family and friends and enjoy another fabulous Thanksgiving. Emails, mail, and phone calls all piled up and now today we are paying for it! That’s OK though.. because the few days we had off were well earned and deserved. I like to tell myself that anyways!

Today I was inspired by the following quote… “A few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.” – Jim Rohn. This quote got me thinking… whom do I envy?? Along the course of the past year, I have come across a lot of motivated people. A handful more motivated than others and few from that handful that I will most likely see become the most successful people I have ever met. I will use the terms “financially free” and “mediocre success” to compare these two types of motivated people. Those who are financially free have multiple cars, multiple houses in difference cities, they want to fly on private planes and they definitely take more than one trip a year with their families. They do not stress over money and they are able to give back as much as they get. People with financial freedom are the most driven of all the successful people whom I’ve ever met. They have taken chances in life and won’t let failure get them. And then there are those who have mediocre success. Mediocre successfully people have one nice house, a nice car, don’t mind flying commercially and one family trip a year will suffice. I know A LOT of people who have mediocre success or have come from parents who have mediocre success and this is great. I do however also know people who are financially free. I could name and touch people in my life who fly on private planes and would prefer a Bentley to a BMW. And then it clicked to me… I want to be financially free because those people are the people I envy. That’s the level of success I am striving for. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with mediocre success… success is success!! Just make a decision on what your definition of success is and what level of success you want to achieve and make it happen. Be one of the few that the many are envying!



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