Friday, May 14, 2010

New Blog, New Weekend, New Wedding!

Oh what a week!! First I am thrilled to have my newly designed blog!! Like it?? Hope so! Ellie at Rainy Day Templates is so sweet and she was so patient with me during the entire design process. Thanks Ellie :) Oh and she's a Wildcat!!

Another weekend is upon us. For many of you this means play time!! For me however, during this busy month of May, it means another wedding! Today I have a rehearsal for a wedding tomorrow in Los Angeles. As I go through the timeline, it brings me back to all the little decisions we've made along the way. There are so many details that go in to this special day and I'm so honored to be able to make a couples vision in to reality! Below is a little inspiration from my bride and groom for their wedding tomorrow. They love manzanita branches and flowers submerged in water :)

Have a fabulous weekend!



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