Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hiring a New Summer Wedding Planner Intern!

Constance Curtis Events is currently seeking a summer intern! Interviews begin next week and the position starts the week of June 6th. This is not an opportunity you want to miss if you want to learn about wedding production! I am very sad my current intern, Chelsea, only has a few weeks left! This semester flew by! I wish Chelsea the best of luck in the future!

Read here what Chelsea has to say about the internship:

I (Chelsea) have been interning in Constance’s office since February after having worked a few weddings with her last summer. Coming with no prior experience, I am walking away with a wealth of knowledge and almost feel ready to run my own show, but it also made me realize how much I still have to learn and how complex the business really is!

The job of a coordinator is more intricate than I could have ever imagined. I got a first taste of this when I began to work on wedding day timelines, which are laid out with every detail of the day to ensure communication between all the players in the event is at its highest. I know that Constance’s attention to these details is what makes her so successful.

As an intern, my days were never the same, and along with developing timelines, my duties included creating checklists for brides that ranged anywhere from 3 months before the wedding to 13 months, researching hotels, ordering rentals, creating price comparisons, and so much more! I was able to attend design meetings that brought together the brides, florists, venue staff, and other vendors that all create a cohesive team managed by the coordinator. I was also able to help produce and got to work with some big shot vendors whose blogs I had been following! I was slightly star struck, and I can’t wait until the shoot gets published.

My favorite part of the internship was of course the weddings! I have been living in Southern California for four years now, and in the past few months I have seen more beautiful venues than I ever even knew existed. Along with the venues, she also works with some really talented photographers, DJs, dessert companies, florists, designers, and so much more. Constance produces first class weddings.

Something I’ve learned from Constance when it comes to the day-of production is that no matter what, always stay calm and smile. As a coordinator, we are there to eliminate any stress from the wedding party and family, not to create it. No matter what curveball is thrown, Constance is always there to knock it out of the park with a smile on her face. With that said, because of her careful preparations, she has already mitigated any surprises before they arise. Before working with her, I always questioned whether people really do need a planner and if I would really have a job, but after working with her, I don’t see how people produce weddings without one. It is so physically and mentally challenging, and no family member should take on that task when they are trying to enjoy the event.

The preparations that go into it would be so much more time consuming for someone that doesn’t know every in-and-out, all the options available, the lingo of the wedding vendor world, and that doesn’t have all the connections. The knowledge Constance can give you off of the top of her head is amazing, and she is so willing to teach. My only regret is not having asked her more questions and picked her brain a little more. Many lessons, though seemingly miniscule, are things that will prove useful to me forever. For example, she taught me that when ordering linens, you take into account that all tables are 30” from the ground so when ordering linens for a 60” round table, you add 60” for the extra 30” on each side of the table and order 120” linens. No, that is not all I learned, but a million little things like this could save a bride and her family from the research and headache!

Constance, thank you for allowing me to take up your time and space and teaching me all about the world of coordinating! It has been a great experience, and I wish it wasn’t so short-lived!

If you are interested in an internship please forward your resume to

Intern for Constance Curtis Events

Looking forward to receiving your resumes!


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