Monday, February 1, 2010

Helloooo February... The Month of Love!!

Love is in the air! We've been surrounded by our loved ones during the holidays, you've probably had a friend or two get engaged recently, you've even probably had a good friend fall in love... and all in time for February.. the Month of Love! The majority of us are planning to celebrate this love on Valentines Day with cliche gifts.. dinner and flowers. Or perhaps maybe even chocolate?? Too unoriginal for you?? It is for me!! Are you secretly hoping inside that your "certain someone" puts some thought and time in to your gift?? Perhaps does some thinking outside the box?? On the bright side, if you know they wont, you can always send them the link to this blog :)

Gentlemen... Time to think outside the box!! Dinner and flowers are nice, but we want to be wined and dined all the time. And flowers are best enjoyed on days when we don't think we'll be receiving them. Plus, roses are marked up and overly priced for Valentines Day. So save your money and put it towards something we'll really enjoy. Like...

A Couples Massage!!

This is really a win win situation because men rarely treat themselves to massages. So YOU get a massage and your girl is ecstatic because she one, gets a massage and two, gets to spend it with the person she loves most. Doesn't get better than that!

or perhaps cooking classes!!

This is perfect for the woman who loves to cook. If she loves to cook, I'm going to predict she loves cooking for you... and perhaps even maybe WITH you???

Ladies.. you are not off the hook. Valentines day is not a day for you to be spoiled by your man. You have to give too!! And your man doesn't want flowers or a romantic love CD you made. He really probably just wants to spend the evening having a beer and watching the game because chances are he hates Valentines Day... most men do! So give him something he'll actually enjoy... stumped??

Tickets to a sporting event

He wants to spend the evening watching the game at home?? One up him.. take him to the game!

After all.. it is the trendy thing to do isn't it??

He prefers to watch the game on his 60 inch flat screen TV??? Then take him golfing or buy him a round of golf lessons.

Not a big golfer??? It's ok.. he's probably not a big cook either but he got you cooking lessons. Ladies, just drive the cart and have a bloody mary! oh and smile and say "good shot" from time to time!

All kidding aside, whatever it is you decide to get your loved one, put some thought in to it. If they really are dying to try that new restuarant, then take them, but please just don't buy flowers and take them to dinner because "it's Valentines Day and that's what you're supposed to do.." :)

Thanks for reading!! Now start shopping.... 13 days and counting :)



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