Friday, December 2, 2011

2012's Biggest Wedding Trend.... Dresses! by Constance Curtis, Southern California Wedding Planner

If someone asked me a few months ago what would be the biggest trend in the 2012 wedding gown collections, I would have said long sleeves (thanks to Kate Middleton). I was definitely not expecting Vera Wang and other designers to push the envelope so far as to introduce a black wedding gown line. Yes, that's right. Celebrity wedding gown designers such as Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang have added blush and black dresses to their Spring 2012 Wedding Gown Collections!!

In 2011 we saw less and less traditional weddings as couples began personalizing their weddings with their own unique style. And now in 2012 brides are going to take it a step further with wearing black and blush dresses. Is it too much? Are there some wedding traditions we just shouldn't touch? Or should we embrace the change?! I want to hear your thoughts!



Anonymous said...

Blush is beautiful for wedding gowns, but black is definitely a sad color. Black should remain where it belongs, at funerals.

Constance Curtis said...

I agree on the blush! I think it's beautiful :)

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