Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My 5 Favorite things of 2011 by Southern California Wedding Planner, Constance Curtis

I have a lot of favorite things from my 2011 weddings but here are my top 5 (OK, maybe 6 :) It was hard to narrow it down!!)

#6: Video shot on Super 8 Film. I had a few 2011 clients love this and even more 2012 clients! It's so super neat! Unfamiliar with what I'm talking about? Check out some videos from Shark Pig.

#5: Lighting! It's probably the number one thing that is overlooked which is such a bummer because it can change the entire look and feel of a wedding. I especially love this Violet/Chocolate brown lighting we did at our Big Canyon Country Club wedding!

#4: Coral/Peach! I cannot get enough of this color right now!! A few images of flowers from my 2011 weddings! I hope I get a few more 2012 clients that want to incorporate this color because I'm not quite ready to say goodbye :)

#3: Wood Tables! I love rectangular tables but I especially LOVE wood ones! Wood tables at our Malibu wedding:

#2: Vintage Furniture! Vintage furniture can be expensive so it's not for every client but it's so super neat to incorporate when you can! A picture of a shoot we did on the beach with vintage furniture from Ribbons and Rust!

and my #1 favorite thing from my 2011 weddings... I bet you can guess it... Dessert Bars!!! This is my #1 because I'm not a huge cake fan. I like to nibble on a lot of different desserts :) and guess what?? This trend isn't going anywhere! Yippe!! A couple of my favorite dessert bars we did this year:

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!


Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Love coral and peach tones, too! They'd be gorgeous for spring & summer weddings this year. :-)

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